Paintings II


Except By Her Friends Oil on Canvas 48×26 inches

“A woman cannot be truly known

Except in the company

Of her friends.

Tea is not truly tasted

Until it is poured

Into three cups.”


Praying Man, Oil on Canvas, 18×24 inches

He sits in the posture of prayer. Perhaps the posture is the prayer itself. His closed eyes focus on the center. Our eyes too are focused on that center, those bold black lines directed at the intersection of the heart. He is static, quiet.

We do not know the praying man’s prayer, there are no words, lettering the canvas edges. Only quiet and the posture of prayer.



Between Her Fingers Lightly Oil on Canvas 18×24 inches

She holds Heaven and Earth

Between her Fingers

But Lightly


La Cuenta (The Count) Oil on Canvas 18×24 inches