Bones and Homes

Bones are only reminders of what we aren’t.

Bones are the beauty that is left

For those we love after we are gone.

Bleached white and burned down to essences

Like our souls, no longer seen.

Like our souls too, they are timeless

But carry the marks

That time has made on us.


Tres Caballos


Family is inescapable.

Family is where we come from,

Who we are with on the way,

And where we will arrive.

Family is the smallest country,

The lasting nation, the movable home.

Invisible bonds are made visible.

Debts and regrets, protections and transgressions,

The families that we don’t choose,

And the ones that we do,

Make us who we are.

Carga No Carga

Pattison.Mi FamiliaII.oil.17x27inches

Madonna y Sus Ninos

Eramos Cuatro

Mi Familia


Adan y Evas 2012a

2 thoughts on “Bones and Homes

  1. I absolutely love your work, style, the colors and textures of your paintings. Can’t wait to meet you and see it in person at Cottonwood Art Festival in October. Would you consider participating in Visiting Artists, a Cottonwood outreach program? I know many of our teachers and students would love to hear your “artist story.” Thank you, Suzanne

    1. Thanks! Let’s connect on email. I’d like to hear more about it.

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