An Introduction: PATTISON

dsd painting

This site is dedicated to the work of DeoSoliDeo Tim Pattison, painter and printmaker.

Hello and welcome to the new and streamlined!

I am a painter.

My background is in art history. I have degrees in both Art History and Religion and in my painting I continue to be excited about exploring the space between art and spiritual seeking. My work is heavily influenced by my study of the modern masters;  I strive for an art that is as singular, identifiable and inspirational as any of theirs.

I was born and raised in southern California but have lived in Washington State for the past 20 years. I began to paint professionally in the early nineties, maintaining a local studio and exhibiting in galleries and shows in Seattle and Western Washington. While painting and raising my family I additionally was involved in creating art for liturgical settings and published a small journal that examined art and religion. A few years ago I began traveling and exhibiting at art festivals and shows. I have enjoyed the interaction with people, as well as the opportunity to revisit so many beautiful (sunny!) places.

Though I have used this site primarily as a place for those who are interested in viewing or re-viewing my work, I have lately begun to post items related to my painting, and art in general. Look for short articles on art, aesthetics, art collecting and art history. Also look for opportunities to see my painting at a show near you!

Festival Exhibits

Desert Arts Festival   .   Palm Springs, California   .

Art Walk Indian Wells   .   Indian Wells, California   .

Gig Harbor Art Festival   .   Gig Harbor, Washington   .

Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden   .    Beverly Hills, California   .

Burbank Art Festival   .   Burbank, California   .

Cottonwood Art Festival . Richardson, Texas

Carefree Art Festival   .  Carefree, Arizona   .

Edmonds Art Festival   .   Edmonds, Washington   .

Calabasas Fine Arts Festival   .   Calabasas, California.  .

Art Walk Liberty Station.  .   San Diego, California.  .

Bayou City Art Festival . Houston, Texas .

Best Of The Northwest  .   Seattle, Washington   .

Art Walk San Diego, Little Italy  .  San Diego, California   .

For information on paintings represented on this site, more recent work or upcoming shows feel free to contact me at Tornillo Fine Art.


Tornillo Fine Art.  (971) 220-1108.


2 thoughts on “An Introduction: PATTISON

  1. I notice your use of 3. That number has always been important to me.

    1 is the first, the individual, and the building block of all numbers…2 is even, can be divided cleanly, and is the first step away from the building block.

    3 is unique for me (and important for no reason?) as it is the first, sort of, imbalanced number with little purpose…it is not the building block, not even, and seems almost awkward.

    I love the number 3!

    • Exactly.
      The number 3 is solid. It’s the most basic compositional form in painting and sculpture.
      Somebody a long time ago picked the number to represent God!

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