This site is dedicated to the work of DeoSoliDeo Tim Pattison, painter.

Hello and welcome! I’m Tim and my fingerprints are all over these pages so I thought I’d introduce myself include a little about what you’ll find while you’re looking around here.

My background is in art history. I have degrees in both Art History and Religion and in my painting I continue to be excited about exploring the space between art and spiritual seeking. My work is heavily influenced by my study of the modern masters;  I strive for an art that is as singular, identifiable and inspirational as any of theirs.

I was born and raised in Southern California but I ended up in Washington State going to school, living, painting, raising kids and getting older, all of it done a little damply in the gently falling rain. I was able to escape periodically from the beautiful green… and wet… Northwest as I traveled with my paintings to art festivals mostly in warmer climes. I lived in Texas for a while in the 1980’s and recently my wife Michelle and I have relocated to Texas again, this time to the little city of Corsicana. Exhibiting at art festivals and shows through the Southwest is much easier from our Texas base. In addition, we have started a new venture, opening a gallery in our downtown loft overlooking Beaton Street. loftgallery is an excellent little venue to spotlight my work and the work of other Texas artists. If you’re ever in Corsicana stop by and see us.

I have used this site primarily as a place for those who are interested in viewing or re-viewing my artwork. At different times these pages have also been an informal art blog, a bucket to throw ideas into, a Photo Of The Day gallery and mostly a nuisance reminding me that I need to take a greater interest in my online presence. The truth is that my online presence isn’t very… present. I am a painter. I use technology that was developed and perfected 600 years ago. I move pigment across surfaces with a little stick. And I like it. I’m social. I’m just not media social.

Other than that, this site, be it ever so humble, is Home and what I’ve got. I’m glad you found it among all the other fairly cool stuff to look at on the internet. Here you can look at new paintings and older ones too. You can find a travel guide to Imaginary, Texas, read our exclusive interview with Rope Walker, look at some highlights from the old blog, or explore the major cards of the Tornillo Tarot. What is Art? is a series of short musings on the nature of art and art shows.

For information on paintings represented on this site, more recent work or upcoming shows feel free to contact me at Tornillo Fine Art.


Tim Pattison  (936) 215-4750


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Tim , I met you today in Fayetteville and bought Willie. I love it and I’m thinking about more of the Texas LP size art of Texas musicians. I was curious what your complete collection is?

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