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April 30, 2018


Yesterday was Willie Nelson’s birthday (but so is *today). I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t have time to post good wishes and a photo so I will this morning.

* Happy 85th Birthday to Willie Nelson. His birth certificate reads April 30, 1933 but his sister Bobbie says he was born on the 29th. It was celebrated by the family on the 29th and Willie never saw a copy of the birth document until he joined the Air Force. In true Willie fashion he celebrates both days now.

Picture Today


April 9, 2018


Francis, (detail), Oil and acrylic on canvas, 48 x 13 inches.

Today I’m putting the finishing touches on a new Saint Francis, this one with faint stigmata. This afternoon I’ll use acrylic for the lettering around the sides, attach a small “Francis” nameplate, and it’ll be ready to show this weekend in McKinney.

Images of Francis are popular. So many people from so many different paths are drawn to him and his message. I received a photo earlier this morning from some folks who purchased a large Saint Francis while I was in New Mexico. The photo shows the painting in its new home beside other beautiful pieces they have collected. This brings me great joy!

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April 4, 2018


Today, of course, is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of  Martin Luther King Jr. His violent death brought an end to the man and a beginning of the myth, a myth that has blurred and softened the lines of his life till he has become the prettified and de-fanged icon of today that we can all acknowledge but never have to fear. Pacified he is our token black hero.

He was a man though, and not a myth. King was extremely gifted and brave but he was also contradictory and fallible, as are all the living. John Blake has an excellent article exploring the possibilities of a different outcome on April 4, 1968:




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Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018


LaNana Creek Trail, Nacogdoches. It’s no substitute for the hike to Fragrance Lake up above Chuckanut Bay where I’ve spent dozens of Easter Sundays over the last years, but it was a great walk just the same. Beginning at Main Street the trail follows an old track used by the Caddo Indians along LaNana Creek for 3.5 miles ending at the arboretum of Stephen F. Austin University.  The faint sounds of traffic in the distance and the faint smell of Easter barbecues are the only indications that I’m not in the deep woods somewhere. I like this town.

Bonus Easter photos:


The “Eyes of Father Margil” at LaNana Creek, site of the miracle of long ago.



LaNana Creek still running brown  from recent rains.



Easter cigar spot. Swinging chairs overlooking the creek.