Picture Today


March 24, 2018


High Horse time: and I don’t mean Pony Boat Totems.


I’m at the Arts In The Square in Frisco, TX. Lots of nice folks but, let’s face it, it’s a street fair. I’m surrounded by “artists” that don’t make art. Some of them I’m sure aren’t even making whatever they are selling. Licenced, copyrighted images off of the internet reproduced without permission? Got ‘em. Mass produced wood chachkies? Got ‘em? Footlong corn dogs? Do you even have to ask?

The booth next to mine is drawing crowds breaking geode rocks for people on a big chain vise kinda deal. Buy a rock and they’ll split it open for you.

I’m trying to show and sell fine art here. You don’t have to appreciate my paintings but I’d ask that you at least see them in the context of an art show if that is what is purported. New shows are tough. You don’t know.

Still not tired of my whine?

See my series of posts “What is Art? Http://tornillofineart.com/what-is-art/

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