Picture Today


November 13, 2017


Poster for the film, Hand of the Master, upcoming release from Stella Maris films.

At the Three Rivers exhibit last weekend I had several people mention to me the paintings in Saint Joseph Abbey in Covington. Looking at my work they wondered if I might not be interested in the works created there by Dom Gregory DeWit in the 1950’s. I had heard about DeWit from enough different folks that by the end of the weekend, when a couple mentioned it again, I told them I was indeed familiar with the Abbey and had checked it out on the internet. Feeling like I knew a little on the subject, I told them of a movie currently in production about DeWit. The young man I was speaking with smiled and told me that it was his movie! David Michael Warren is a filmmaker who has been working on the documentary for over a year. Starting out as an exploration of the art in the Abbey, the film soon became involved in the interesting character and life of the painter, Dom DeWit. I had a great conversation with David, his wife Jaclyn and their lovely little family, and with so many others as well – conversations that are certainly the coolest thing about showing art at outdoor festivals. I’m looking forward to the release of Hand of the Master, and going back to Covington to see firsthand the paintings in Saint Joseph Abbey.

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