Are You A Small-a aRTIST?

small-a aRTIST

It is the Time of the Small-a aRTIST.


Small-a aRTISTS are those:

  • Who have never found a movement, an -ism, a school, a collective or a unified artistic vision that they could belong to
  • Who are on the edge of being jaded.
  • Who thought they would make a Contribution to the Discourse and found out they probably can’t
  • Who swore they’d never go back to a “day job” and then did
  • Who feel they have more in common with Picasso or Rodin or Van Gogh or Giacametti or Gauguin or Morandi or de Kooning  than any one working today
  • Who refuse to believe in the irrelevance of the visual arts today in spite of growing evidence
  • Who watch with amusement the glamorous comings and goings of the Artworld wondering what it could mean for all of us down here in the real world
  • Who find themselves in between “selling out” and “staying true”
  • Who, in order to make art, rely on the financial support from another and hate that they do
  • Who are still seeking significance in spite of everything.

It is time to rethink your place in the world. It is time to be reminded of your incredible importance as a visionary. It is time to come together and support one another and spur one another on to great works. It is time to invest heavily in the future of the visual arts. It is the Time of the small-a aRTIST!

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