What is Art? (It’s Your Turn)


What is Art?

You are appointed the Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Not-Art. It is the biggest institution in the world. Indeed, it’s collection comprises everything in the world that is not art. Big building.


 From the items below, please choose which items to include in the


  • A photograph of a bull’s head
  • A photograph of Picasso’s Bull’s Head
  • A piece of driftwood that looks like a bull’s head
  • A bull’s head made from two pieces of driftwood, one that looks like a head and one that looks like horns
  • A copy of Picasso’s sculpture by an artist using another style of seat and handlebars
  • A super-realist painting of Picasso’s sculpture. It looks real, just like a photograph!
  • A sculpture of a bug, made from a tennis shoe on the wall with laces pointing upward like antennas. It kind of looks like an insect.
  • A sculpture similar to the one above but made with another type of shoe so it looks a lot less like a bug. Well, it doesn’t look like a bug at all.
  • A sculpture entitled Bug made from a shoe, pipe cleaners for legs, and radio antennas for…antennas, and a mouth made of a small ashtray. It looks uncannily like an insect.
  • A sculpture made from similar objects that looks like an insect kind of …not really. It looks like a kind of boat with oars and , I don’t know what the ashtray looks like. An ashtray on a shoe/boat. But it’s entitled Bug.
  • A bicycle with a real bull’s horn attached instead of handlebars), and a taxidermy bull’s head, (in place of a seat)
  • A plain bicycle with a placard reading: “Bicycle with bull’s head for a seat and horns for handlebars. Look again until you see it.”
  • A replica of Picasso’s Bull’s Head and floating in a tank of formaldehyde. Titled: Bull
  • or the same work entitled” Damien Hirst: Bull!
  • A ten foot tall highly polished stainless steel version of Picasso’s original piece, Concept: Jeff Koons Fabrication: Unknown Foundry

So, what is Art and what is Not-Art?

You’re the curator.

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